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Exo 15:12 (a) This statement probably refers to the incident in the life of Moses when the earth opened up a cavity and Korah, Dothan and Abiram went down alive into hell. (See Num 16:29-33).

Deu 32:1 (a) The word refers to the peoples of the earth in every nation, for it is the desire of our Lord that all shall hear His Word. (See also 1Ch 16:31; Job 20:27; Psa 96:11; Isa 24:4; Isa 45:22).

Psa 63:9 (a) This statement clearly indicates that hell is in the heart of the earth. There are many other passages that confirm this truth. (See under "HELL").

Mat 13:5 (c) The teaching probably is that there was nothing in the heart of the hearer, nor in his mind, which would enable him to receive or understand GOD's Word. (See also Mar 4:5).

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