EARTH - A Symbolical Dictionary

Earth the symbol of people in a state of peace, quietness, and submission, and at the same time involved in idolatry, or apostacy.

The reasons are

1. In the symbolical language, the natural world represents the political; the heaven, sun, and luminaries, represent the governing part; and conse­quently the earth must represent the part governed, sub­mitting and inferior. Agreeable to which is also the etymology of the words H8064, heaven,f1 and H776 earth; f2 the first H8064 signifying high, or lifted up; and the other, H776 low, or depressed.

2. The sea (as will appear after-wards) is frequently used to denote men in war and tumult; and therefore earth may signify men in a state of peace.f3

3. It is the usual style of the Scriptures, to represent such men as are sinners, idolaters, out of the covenant of grace, or at least apostates from it-by the names of earth, inhabitants of the earth, and the like; as in Gen 2:1, all the earth signifies all men living then, who had begun to apostatize. 'Whereas all good persons, who have their conversation or citizenship in heaven, are for the most part styled martyrs of God, or prophets, or servants of God.

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F3 Evidence seems to be wanting, that the earth, as opposed to the sea, signifies nations in a state of peace; for though many waters signify peoples, and multitudes, and nations, yet unless the sea be described as in a perturbed state, as in Luk 21:25, it is not a symbol of nations at war, but stands generally, when not to be understood literally, for foreign countries and maritime parts, as Isa 23:11; Isa 60:5.

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