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Heaven. There are four Hebrew words thus rendered, in the Old Testament, which we may briefly notice.

1. Raki'a, Authorized Version, firmament. See Firmament.

2. Shamayim. This is the word used in the expression "the heaven and the earth", or "the upper and lower regions". Gen 1:1.

3. Marom, used for heaven in Psa 18:16; Isa 24:18; Jer 25:30. Properly speaking, it means a mountain as in Psa 102:19; Eze 17:23.

4. Shechakim, "expanses", with reference to the extent of heaven. Deu 33:26; Job 35:5.

St. Paul's expression, "third heaven," 2Co 12:2, had led to much conjecture. Grotius said that the Jews divided the heaven into three parts, namely,

i. The air or atmosphere, where clouds gather;

ii. The firmament, in which the sun, moon and stars are fixed;

iii. The upper heaven, the abode of God and his angels, the invisible realm of holiness and happiness; the home of the children of God.

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