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Besides the common use of this word in many connections, it is used in a special sense to carry the mind back into

a, eternity , when the Word was with God, and was God, by whom all things were made. Joh 1:1-3; Act 15:18 (which should read 'from eternity'). Also to the eternity of Jehovah, 'the beginning and the end.' Rev 1:8; Rev 21:6; Rev 22:13.

b, The creation, whether it was creating out of nothing or forming the heavens and the earth Isa 64:4; Heb 1:10. Also the creation of man and woman. Mat 19:4; Mat 19:8; Mar 10:6.

c, The beginning of Christianity. Joh 15:27; Joh 16:4; 1Jn 1:1; 1Jn 3:11; 2Jn 1:5-6.

d, foundation or source , It is used also with a moral sense as a foundation or source, as in Col 1:18; Rev 3:14.

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