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זָרַע (zâraʻzaw-rah'verbsow)
[Heb] זָרַע ETCBC: זרע‎ (verb|sow) OSHL: TWOT: 582 GK: H2445 Greek: ἀνατέλλω, σπείρω, σπορά, σπόριμος
Derivation: a primitive root;
Strong's: to sow; figuratively, to disseminate, plant, fructify
KJV: bear, conceive seed, set with sow(-er), yield.

Lexicon of Extended Strongs for Greek and Hebrew

זָרַע [H:V] to sow

1) to sow, scatter seed
1a) (Qal)
1a1) to sow
1a2) producing, yielding seed
1b1) to be sown
1b2) to become pregnant, be made pregnant
1c) (Pual) to be sown
1d) (Hiphil) to produce seed, yield seed

Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon to the Old Testament Scriptures

Gesenius: זָרַע (H2232 in 32 WLC links below)

fut. יִזְרַע-

(1) to scatter, to disperse, Zec 10:9. See the kindred roots commencing with the syllable זר under the root זָרָה. From the kindred signification of expanding, is derived זְרֹועַ an arm, like זֶרֶת a span, from זָרָה. A secondary root, and derived from זְרֹועַ, ذراع is found in Arab. ذرع to attack violently, to seize, IV. to take in the arms.

(2) Especially, to scatter seed, to sow (Arabic زرع, Syr. ܙܪܥܰ, Eth. ዘናዐ፡ id.). Constr.-(a) absol. Job 31:8 Isa 37:30.-(b) with an acc. of the seed sown (e.g. זָרַע חִטִּים to sow wheat), Jer 12:13 Hag 1:6 Lev 26:16 Ecc 11:6.-(c) with acc. of the field sown, Gen 47:23 Exo 23:10 Lev 25:3. Jer 2:2 , אֶרֶץ לֹא זְרוּעָה “a land not sown.”-(d) with acc. both of the seed and the field. Lev 19:19, שָֽׂדְךָ לֹא תִזְרַע כִּלְאַיִם “thou shalt not sow thy field with divers kinds.” Deu 22:9 Isa 30:23 Jdg 9:45 . To scatter seed is also said of a plant which bears seed, Gen 1:29 comp. 12 . Metaphorically, to sow justice, Pro 11:18 and on the contrary, wickedness, Pro 22:8 mischief, Job 4:8 the wind, Hos 8:7, that is, by good or evil actions to provide rewards or punishments answering to the figure of the harvest; comp. Gal 6:7, . [The New Testament use of language, apart from its context, must not be pressed too far to illustrate Old Test. expressions; how “God could be just, and yet the justifier,” had not then been manifested.] A little differently, Hos 10:12, זִרְעוּ לָכֶם לִצְדָקָה קִצְרוּ לְפִי חֶסֶד “sow for yourselves according to righteousness, reap according to the mercy (of God).” Psa 97:11, אֹור זָרֻעַ לַצַּדִּיק “light (i.e. happiness) shed abroad (is prepared) for the righteous.” To sow a nation, i.q. to multiply, to increase, Hos 2:25 Jer 31:27.

(3) to sow, i.q. to plant, with two acc. Isa 17:10.


(1) to be scattered, Eze 36:9.

(2) to be sown, Lev 11:37. Figuratively, Nah 1:14, “there shall be sown no more of thy name,” i.e. thy name shall be no more perpetuated.

(3) to be sown, spoken of a woman, i.e. to be made fruitful, to conceive, Num 5:28.

Pual pass. of Kal No. 2, Isa 40:24.


(1) to bear seed, as a plant. Gen 1:11, עֵשֶׂב מַזְרִיעַ זֶרַע comp. verse 29 , where there is in the same context, זֹרֵעַ זֶרַע.

(2) to conceive seed, speaking of a woman; to be made fruitful, Lev 12:2 comp. Niphal, No. 3.

Derivatives, besides those which immediately follow, זְרֹועַ (אֶזְרֹועַ), זֵרוּעַ, יִזְרְעֵאל, מִזְרָע.

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A primitive root; to sow; figuratively to disseminate, plant, fructify: - bear, conceive seed, set with, sow (-er), yield.

LXX related word(s)

G393 ana tello

G4701 spora

G4702 sporimos

G4687 speiro

Gematria Dictionary



[H1200, H2233, H2234, H2235, H5464, H5678, H5679, H5826, H5827, H5828, H5829, H6160, H6161]

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions, Thayer's Greek Definitions and Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries Combined

Original: זרע

Transliteration: zâra‛

Phonetic: zaw-rah'

BDB Definition:

  1. to sow, scatter seed
    1. (Qal)
      1. to sow
      2. producing, yielding seed
    2. (Niphal)
      1. to be sown
      2. to become pregnant, be made pregnant
    3. (Pual) to be sown
    4. (Hiphil) to produce seed, yield seed

Origin: a primitive root

TWOT entry: 582

Part(s) of speech: Verb

Strong's Definition: A primitive root; to sow ; figuratively to disseminate, plant, fructify: - bear, conceive seed, set with, sow (-er), yield.

Total KJV Occurrences: 56

yielding (3)
Gen 1:11; Gen 1:12; Gen 1:29

bearing (1)
Gen 1:29

sowed (1)
Gen 26:12

for you and ye shall sow (1)
Gen 47:23

thou shalt sow (3)
Exo 23:10; Lev 25:3; Mic 6:15

which thou hast sown (2)
Exo 23:16; Deu 22:9

which is to be sown (1)
Lev 11:37

have conceived seed (1)
Lev 12:2

thou shalt not sow (2)
Lev 19:19; Deu 22:9

thou shalt neither sow (1)
Lev 25:4

be unto you ye shall not sow (1)
Lev 25:11

behold we shall not sow (1)
Lev 25:20

and ye shall sow (2)
Lev 25:22; Lev 26:16

and shall conceive (1)
Num 5:28

where thou sowedst (1)
Deu 11:10

nor sown (1)
Deu 21:4

that it is not sown (1)
Deu 29:23

had sown (1)
Jdg 6:3

and sowed (1)
Jdg 9:45

sow (4)
2Ki 19:29; Ecc 11:6; Isa 37:30; Hos 10:12

and sow (3)
Job 4:8; Psa 107:37; Jer 4:3

then let me sow (1)
Job 31:8

is sown (1)
Psa 97:11

they that sow (1)
Psa 126:5

but to him that soweth (1)
Pro 11:18

he that soweth (1)
Pro 22:8

shall not sow (1)
Ecc 11:4

and shalt set (1)
Isa 17:10

to sow (1)
Isa 28:24

that thou shalt sow (1)
Isa 30:23

are ye that sow (1)
Isa 32:20

yea they shall not be sown (1)
Isa 40:24

to the sower (1)
Isa 55:10

that was not sown (1)
Jer 2:2

they have sown (1)
Jer 12:13

that i will sow (1)
Jer 31:27

nor sow (1)
Jer 35:7

the sower (1)
Jer 50:16

and sown (1)
Eze 36:9

and i will sow (2)
Hos 2:23; Zec 10:9

for they have sown (1)
Hos 8:7

be sown (1)
Nah 1:14

ye have sown (1)
Hag 1:6

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