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There are many senses in which this word is used in holy Scripture. In general, it means the gross matter which forms a bed, and sustains the life of trees, and fruit, and of vegetable life. God called the dry land earth. (Gen 1:10) Sometimes it is put for the people, and sometimes for their property. The earth, it is said, was filled with violence. (Gen 6:13) And respecting property, we are told, that while the heavens are the Lord's, the earth hath he given to the children of men. (Psa 115:16) I have somewhere read of the presumptuous gift of one of the princes of the earth, assuming to himself this grant, making a deed of gift to one of his favorites, of a certain portion of the land, the charter of which ran in words to this effect: "I give all that is from heaven to the centre of the earth, including the minerals in the bowels of it," etc. Poor vain man! when shortly after, all that he could embrace of the earth, or the earth him, was just his own breadth and length to lie down upon for corruption and to mingle with in the dust! The word earth is also spoken of by way of a natural and moral sense, Hence, in opposition to spirit, the Scripture describes the first man as of the earth, earthy; while the second man is declared to be, the Lord from heaven. And Jesus himself defines the essential difference, he that is of the earth, speaketh of the earth, he that cometh from heaven, is above all. (See 1Co 15:47-48; Joh 3:31)

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