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9. They shall deliver you From the sorrows of the Jews our Lord now turns to the persecutions of the Christians. Compare Mat 24:9. The fulfilment of the predictions of the Christian persecutions is thus given by Whitby:

“1. They suffered “a great fight of afflictions,” (Heb 10:32-33,) being persecuted by those of their own nation, (1Th 2:14-15,) and suffering fiery trials from them. 1Pe 4:12. “I persecuted them,” saith St. Paul, “to strange cities.” Act 26:11.

2. They were imprisoned: Peter, Act 4:3; Paul and Silas, Act 16:23; 2Co 11:23; “I delivered up to prison men and women.” Act 22:4. “I shut up many of the saints in prison,” saith St. Paul. Act 26:10.

3. They were beaten in the synagogue: St. Paul and Silas, Act 16:23; 2Co 11:23-25; Peter and John, Act 5:18.

4. They were brought before councils and sanhedrims: Peter and John, Act 4:3; Act 4:6; the disciples, Act 8:3. Before kings: James and Peter before Herod, Act 12:1-2; Paul and Peter before Nero. Before rulers: Paul before Gallio, Felix, and Festus. Act 18:12; Act 23:33;Act 25:6.

5. They were killed: Stephen by the judgment of the council, Act 7:59; James the Greater by Herod, Act 12:1; the Less by Ananus the high priest; yea, multitudes of Christians were persecuted to the death by Saul, Act 22:4; by Nero, Tacit. Annal. 15, p. 363; by the Jews, Justin. Mart. Dial. cum Tryph., p. 234, 235.

6. We learn from Tacitus, in the place forecited, that Christians were delivered up by their parents, brethren, kinsfolk, friends; from Josephus, that contention sprang up in their very houses; and that the Idumeans slew many of their own kindred; and from the Scripture, that the Jews persecuted those of their own country. 1Th 2:14.

7. That upon occasion of these persecutions “the love of many waxed cold, and many Jews” revolted from the Christian faith. And, lastly, of the care of God in preserving his faithful servants in this time of imminent danger, Eusebius informs us, saying, that “before the war all the faithful of the Church of Jerusalem were astonished by an oracle delivered by revelation to men approved there, to depart from the city, and to get over Jordan, and to go to Pella.” The occasion of this departure was, saith Dr. Hammond, wonderful; for Cestus Gallus then besieged the city; and if he would, saith Josephus, he might easily have taken it, and put an end to the war; but he, without cause, raising the siege and going from it, many eminent Jews fled from the city as from a sinking ship, among whom doubtless were those Christians who remained after the destruction of Jerusalem.”

Verses of Mark 13


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