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Nevertheless: Josiah's conduct in this affair has been treated with great severity; and he has been charged with engaging rashly in an unjust war, and disregarding the express command of God. But Scripture no where condemns him; and Pharaoh, in marching through Josiah's territories, against his will, certainly committed an act of hostility. It is evident that Josiah was in possession of the whole land of Israel - 2Ch 26:6, and probably he held the northern parts of it as a grant from the king of Babylon; and was not only in alliance with him, but bound to guard his frontiers against hostile invaders. He may, therefore, be fairly justified from the charge of unjustly meddling in a war that did not belong him. It is true the ambassadors assured Josiah, that "God had commanded Pharaoh to make haste;" and he is therefore said not to have "hearkened to the words of Necho, from the mouth of God." But Necho produced no proof that he was a prophet of Jehovah; and the word he employed, elohim, may denote gods or idols; and critics have noticed that the expression, "from the mouth of God," is not used when the true God is meant.

but disguised: 2Ch 18:29, 1Ki 14:2, 1Ki 22:30, 1Ki 22:34

the mouth: 2Ch 35:21, 2Ch 18:4-6, Jos 9:14

Megiddo: Jdg 5:19, 2Ki 9:27, 2Ki 23:30, Zec 12:11, Megiddon, Rev 16:16, Armageddon

Reciprocal: Jos 17:11 - Megiddo 1Ki 9:15 - Megiddo 1Ki 22:12 - Go up 1Ch 7:29 - Megiddo 2Ch 36:12 - the mouth

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