Verses of 2 Chronicles 35


2 Chronicles 35:22 Commentary - English Annotations on the Holy Bible by Matthew Poole

Josiah would not turn his face from him; being peradventure encouraged to do so by a misinterpretation of that promise made to him, 2Ch 34:28,

Thou shalt be gathered to thy grave in peace: thus God overrules the errors and miscarriages of men to the accomplishment of his own counsels.

Disguised himself; changed his habit, that he might not give his enemies the advantage of aiming at his person, which he wisely thought they would do, that being a likely course to end their trouble, as indeed it proved.

Unto the words of Necho from the mouth of God; either,

1. Which Pharaoh sent to him in the name of God, or as coming from God’s month. Or rather,

2. Which Pharaoh received from the month of God, who was pleased some way or other to impart his mind to him; and which Pharaoh acquainted him with by the command of God. And therefore Josiah is here blamed for not hearkening to this message. Although, if he sinned herein, it was only a sin of ignorance, for he did not know that God had spoken this to Pharaoh, and was not bound to believe his testimony, which he had good reason to suspect in this matter. Yet, methinks, he ought so far to have regarded it, as to have inquired the mind of God about it; which he neglected to do, and therefore he cannot be wholly excused, and is here taxed for it.

Verses of 2 Chronicles 35


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