Verses of 1 John 5


1 John 5 Summary - Matthew Henry's Whole Bible Commentary

F I R S T   J O H N.


      In this chapter the apostle asserts, I. The dignity of believers, ver. 1. II. Their obligation to love, and the trial of it, ver. 1-3. III. Their victory, 1Jn 5:4; 1Jn 5:5. IV. The credibility and confirmation of their faith, ver. 6-10. V. The advantage of their faith in eternal life, ver. 11-13. VI. The audience of their prayers, unless for those who have sinned unto death, ver. 14-17. VII. The preservation from sin and Satan, ver. 18. VIII. Their happy distinction from the world, ver. 19. IX. Their true knowledge of God (ver. 20), upon which they must depart from idols, ver. 21.

Verses of 1 John 5


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