John 9:9 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Some said, This is he:- (alloi elegon hoti houtos estin) "Some affirmed this is he," or that he is the one. Some of his neighbors, those who had known him for many years, Joh 9:1; Joh 9:8.

2) "Others said, He is like him:” (alloi elegon ouchi alla homoios auto estin) "Others asserted, no, but he is like or similar in appearance to him," or he surely looks like him. Apparently the cure had altered his appearance somewhat, Why not? He was changed from a groveling beggar by the wayside of life, a blind, unstable, staggering, beggar, to a well seeing free man, Joh 9:23.

3) "But he said, I am he."(ekeinos elegen hoti ego eimi) "That one said, I am the one," who was the blind beggar, who sat and begged, for so long a time, but now I can see. This frustrated and incensed the Pharisees, who were more blind than he, by the god of this world, Joh 9:15; Joh 9:17; Joh 9:25; 2Co 4:3-4.

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