John 9:8 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "The neighbors therefore," (hoi oun geitones) "Then the neighbors," those who lived near him, and had perhaps often befriended him with alms, as a token of compassion and perhaps responding to his loud cries for help, Mat 6:1-4.

2) "And they which before had seen him," (kai hoi theorountes auton to proteron) "And those who had formerly seen him repeatedly," both in their residential neighborhood, and begging at the entrance to the temple gate, also known as the "sheep gate," where he had met the Lord, Joh 8:59; Act 3:2-3.

3) ''That he was blind,'' (hoti prosaites en) "That he was a beggar," as a result of his blindness, an object of alms deeds of charity, commended of the Lord, Luk 11:41; Luk 12:33; Act 10:2; Act 10:4; Act 10:31.

4) "Said, Is not this he that sat and begged?" (elegon ouch houtos estin ho kathemenos kai prosaiton) "They said, Is not this one, the one who was sitting and begging continually?" for a livelihood, as was the custom of the blind, who were physically able to do so? Act 3:10; Act 9:36; Paul carried alms to his race, long after he had been saved and become a missionary, Act 24:17.

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