John 9:7 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And said unto him," (kai eipen auto) "And he said directly to him," with concern or compassion for him, Mat 14:14.

2) "Go, wash in the pool of Siloam," (hupage nipsai eis ten kolumbethran tou Siloam) "You go, wash in your own behalf, in the pool of Siloam," wash for your own benefit or profit. The term Siloam means "sent'' or commissioned, and means to flow gently, move gently, used Neh 3:15.

3) ''(Which is by interpretation, Sent.)'' (ho hermenetuetai apestalmenos) "Which is translated as having been sent, commissioned, or mandated.'' Jesus as the water of life, river of life, flowed forth from the throne of God, as that Rock of which Israel drank in the desert, and He is yet that healing, flowing fountain of life, Isa 55:1-3; 1Co 10:4; Rev 22:17.

4) "He went his way therefore, and washed," (apelthen oun kai enipsato) "Then he went and washed himself,'' as he was told to do, and where he was told to do it, following the principle of Mary's instructions at the marriage feast in Galilee, where He performed His first miracle, when she said to the servants, "Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it," Joh 2:5; Joh 2:11.

5) "And came seeing." (kai elthen blepon) "And he came seeing," looking about, as Naaman did when he followed Elisha's instructions to dip seven times in Jordan, 2Ki 5:10-16. Each returned for faithful obedience, Jas 1:22.

This miracle became an occasion for the Pharisees to doubt the supernatural miracle done before their temple gate, and to question the historical testimony of his being born blind in the first place, in spite of the testimony of: 1 ) His parents, 2) His neighbors, and 3)The responsible blind man himself as now further recounted:

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