John 9:41 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And Jesus said unto them," (eipen autois ho lesous) "Jesus responded to them," to their direct question.

2) "If ye were blind, ye should have no sin:” (ei tuphloi ete ouk an eichete hamartian) "if you all were blind (physically blind) you would not have had sin," of a morally lawless kind, or if you felt and acknowledged your sins that blind you, you would no longer be blind to my identity, but you are self-righteous, proud, acting as if you need no Savior, Mat 5:20; Mat 15:22-24. Therefore you are responsibly blind rebels against God.

3) "But now ye say, We see;” (nun de legete hoti blepomen) "Yet, now and continually you all say that we see," we have twenty-twenty vision, and are responsible, do not stumble, are not blind, need no help from you, Luk 19:10; Joh 1:11; Joh 5:43.

4) "Therefore your sin remaineth." (he hamartia humon menei) The sin of you therefore remains," unconfessed, unpardoned, and unforgiven, as the sin of unbelief in the Son of man, Joh 3:18; Joh 8:24. See also Isa 5:21; Pro 3:7; Rom 1:22; Rom 12:16; Luk 18:14; 1Jn 1:8-10. You all remain under self-indictment, Joh 8:21.

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