John 9:40 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And some of the Pharisees," (ek ton Pharisaion tauta) "Certain ones of the Pharisees," bitter enemies of the Savior, against whom He pronounced the most scathing condemnatory words of His earthly ministry, Mat 23:13-33.

2) "Which were with him heard these words," (hoi met' autou ontes) "The ones who were with him,'' (akouesan tauta) "Heard these things," those present when and where Jesus found the former blind man, whom He had now both healed and saved, Joh 9:7; Joh 9:35-38.

3) "And said unto him, Are we blind also?" (kai eipan auto me kai hemeis tuphloi esmen) "And they said directly to him, we are not also blind, are we?" You are not talking about us, are you? The answer is, yes. They were not only blind, but also willfully blind, spiritually blind, ignorantly blind, and unwilling to see! Thus they were hopelessly blind, in failing to see who He was or believe in Him, Joh 8:24; Rom 2:19; 2Co 4:3-4; Rev 3:17. The question "are we blind?" was impulsively asked, with contempt for Jesus, and a near dare for Him to tell them they were. He accepted the challenge and laid the judgement truth on them heavily.

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