John 9:38 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And he said, Lord, I believe." (ho de ephe pisteuo kurie) "Then he said, Lord, I trust or believe," and it is that final condition on the part of lost sinners, after hearing, conviction, and repentance, by which a sinner becomes saved, Act 16:31; Rom 1:16; Gal 3:26; 1Jn 5:1.

2) "And he worshipped him." (kai prosekunesen auto) "And he worshipped to or toward him," as His Savior, Joh 14:9; Joh 20:28, bowed to His holy will, to His honor and praise, who wills not that any should perish. Only the redeemed, those born or quickened of the spirit, by faith in Christ Jesus can truly worship Him, 2Pe 3:9; Joh 6:63; 1Pe 1:23; Joh 4:24.

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