John 9:34 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "They answered and said unto him," (apekrithesan kai eipan auto) "They replied (in derision) and said directly to him," much as they had already reviled him, Joh 9:28, or abused him.

2) "Thou wast altogether born in sins," (en hamartiais su egennethes holos) "You were born wholly in sins,'' in a lawless state or condition, insinuating that his blind state or condition of birth was a result of immoral and unethical sex sins of his parents, whose sins fell on him, Joh 9:2; Exo 20:5.

3) "And dost thou teach us?" (kai su didaskeis hemas) "And do you think (think you can) teach us?" No, they were blind, and blind to the fact that they were blind, ignorant and ignorant to the fact that they were ignorant, alienated from God, Eph 4:18; 2Co 4:3-4.

4) "And they cast him out." (kai eksebalon auton ekso) "And they cast him out, outside," of the synagogue, and out of its membership and religious and teaching privileges. They excommunicated him as a reprobate, a thing his parents feared for themselves, Joh 9:22; Joh 16:2.

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