John 9:33 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "If this man were not of God," (ei me hen houtos para theou) "if this man was not from alongside of or in harmony with God," and He was, the very Son of God, and the Father was with Him, in all that He did, Joh 5:19; Joh 5:30; Joh 15:5.

2) "He could do nothing." (ouk eclunato poiein ouden) "He would not be able to do anything at all," after the order of this miracle, nothing more than you Pharisees who have passed me by all your lives, giving me nothing more than paltry alms, see? This was a pretty strong argument from an unsaved honest man, against unsaved dishonest religious men, Joh 5:43.

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