John 9:27 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "He answered them, I have told you already," (apekrithe autois eipon humin ede) "He replied to them, I told you already," twice, to be exact, in proper order and detail, in simple language, as it happened, Joh 9:15; Joh 9:17; Joh 9:25.

2) "And ye did not hear," (kai ouk ekousate) "And you all did not hear, give heed, or pay attention," Luk 14:35; Rom 10:12; Act 3:22-23.

3) "Wherefore would you hear it again?" (ti palin thelete akouein) "Just why do you have so strong a will to hear again?" Is it not evident that they have ulterior motives in posing the question? Mat 16:1-4. His galling gig of sarcasm appeared to be appropriate by this time.

4) "Will ye also be his disciples?" (me kai humeis thelete autou mathetai genesthai) "You all do not really wish to become his disciples do you?" Note the tone of irony to these willfully blind guides of the blind, Mat 23:17; Mat 23:19; Mat 23:24; Mat 23:26. He was tired of being harassed by those whom, by now, he perceived to be hypocrites.

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