John 9:26 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Then said they to him again," (eipan oun auto) "Then they asked him pointedly,'' for the third time, a matter of vexation by this time. Their crafty attempt to get him to make some contradictory statement unsettled his patience.

2) ''What did he to thee?" (ti epoiesen soi) "What did he do to you?'' really, to tell the truth? They were anxious to shake his testimony, to get him to change it more favorable to meet the wicked designs they had against Jesus, Joh 5:16; Joh 5:18; Joh 8:14-16.

3) "How opened he thine eyes?" (pos enoiksen sou thous ophthalmous) "How did he open your eyes?" They raised the "how'' question a third time, requiring mechanical details, to try to find some fault against his story or further complaint against "the man called Jesus," who had restored his sight, Joh 9:11.

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