John 9:25 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "He answered and said," (aphekrithe oun ekemos) "Then replied that one," the former blind one.

2) "Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not:" (ei hamartolos estin ouk oida) "If a sinful man he is, I know not," I do not comprehend or fathom it, the most blessed thing or One anyone could know, and whom he later came to know and believe, Joh 9:35-38; Joh 17:3.

3) "One thing I know," (hen oida) "One thing I do know, perceive and experimentally comprehend," that I did not, and could not know from birth, until the day I met "a man that is called Jesus," or known as Jesus, Savior, or deliverer, Joh 9:11. They were baffled by the independence and obstinacy of the man.

4) "That whereas I was blind, now I see," hoti tuphlos on arti blepo) "That once being or existing in a state of blindness, at this moment I see," and that is good enough for me, Joh 9:11; Joh 9:15. He saved, delivered, liberated, or set me free from the bondage of blindness and begging, Luk 4:18,21. This was a definitive example of Jesus' fulfillment of the prophecy that the Pharisees claimed to believe, Isa 61:1-2.

The blind man's testimony:

1 ) Was short, only one article. I was blind.

2) Was founded on experience. Now I see.

3) Was personal and peculiar. A liberation witnessed by many.

4) It did not compromise with hypothesis, of whether or not there was something wrong with Jesus who set him free.

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