John 9:22 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "These words spake his parents," (tauta eipan hoi goneis autou) "His parents said these things," directly, with caution, wise as serpents, harmless as doves, with their speech seasoned with salt, for self-preservation, Mat 10:16; Col 4:6.

2) "Because they feared the Jews:” (hoti ephobounto tous loudaious) "Because they (held fear of) the Jews," for incrimination and recrimination threats against any who should openly confess Jesus as the Christ or the Messiah before them, Joh 7:13. Fear of persecution stifles the conscience of men.

3) "For the Jews had already agreed," (ede gar sunetetheinto hoi loudaioi) "For the Jews had already agreed by collusion," Joh 12:42-43; Joh 19:38.

4) "That if any man did confess that he was Christ,'' (hina ean tis auton homologese Christon) "In order that if any person should acknowledge, confess, or confirm his belief that he was the Christ," Joh 12:42; Deu 18:15; Deu 18:19.

5) "He should be put out of the synagogue." (aposunagogos genetai) "He would be put away from the synagogue," put out of, and away from the membership, worship, and privileges of the synagogue --- that is he would be excluded, as an outcast, unclean, morally and spiritually unholy, Joh 9:34; Joh 16:2.


But if at the end of thirty days his repentance was not, declared, he was then subject to the Cherem or course. This is supposed to be the same as the "delivering over unto Satan" mentioned by the Apostles. His offense was proclaimed in the synagogue to which he belonged; and at the time of pronouncing the curse, lamps or candles were lighted, which, at its conclusion, were extinguished, to express that the excommunicated person was then excluded from the light of heaven. The person was thus publicly cursed might neither teach others nor they teach him; but by study and research he might teach himself, that, haply, he might be convinced of the guilt or error into which he had fallen. His effects were confiscated; his male children were not admitted to circumcision; he might neither hire nor be hired: no one might trade with him, or employ him in any business, unless it was a very little, to afford him the barest possible means of subsistence, and if, finally, he died without repentance, stones were cast at his bier, to denote that he had deserved to be stoned. He was not honored with a common burial; none followed him to the grave; none lamented him. The third and last degree of excommunication was the great anathema, which was inflicted on those offenders who had repeatedly refused to comply with the sentence of the court in the former instances, and who had manifested other marks of a contumacious and impenitent disposition. This was attended with corporal punishment, and sometimes with banishment or death.

- by MacKay.

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