John 9:21 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "But by what means he now seeth," (pos de nun blepei) "Yet, how he now sees continually," as you can see he now does, as well as we.

2) "We know not;” (ouk oidamen) "We do not really know, perceive, or comprehend," We were not there when it happened. Our answer would be hearsay only, see? You would not accept it since we were not present, and we are sure you are not interested in what we think about the matter.

3) "Or who hath opened his eyes, we know not:" (e tis enoiksen autou tous ophthalmous hemeis ouk oidamen) "Or who opened his eyes (so that he now sees) we do not know or comprehend," for we neither saw it happen, nor has anyone told us personally that he did it. Any reports from us would therefore be hearsay only, see? They were evading a risk of being excluded from the synagogue, Joh 9:22.

4) "He is of age; ask him:” (auton erotesate helikian echei) "He has age, you all just ask him:" He has maturity. He was there, and he will tell it like it was, if you will accept his legal testimony, or do you fellows really want the straight truth?

5) "He shall speak for himself." (autos peri heautou lalesei) "He will speak concerning himself," as one of legal age, with intelligence, as an accountable man, Rom 14:11-12.

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