John 9:20 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1 ) "His parents answered them and said,'' (apekrithesan oun kai goneis autou kai eipan) "Then the parents of him replied and said,'' directly, without evasion or equivocation, to the three parts of their question.

2) "We know that this is our son," (oidamen hoti houtos estin ho huios hemon) "We do know that this is (exists as) our heir son," born to us, and we are not ashamed of him, Joh 9:1-3. This is their reply to question one of their three-point quiz, Joh 9:19. This exploded their suspicion of collusion between any of the family of the blind man with Jesus.

3) "And that he was born blind,'' (kai hoti tuphlos egennethe) "And we do know that he was born blind," and has been blind from birth as our son, a thing that has brought us much bitter grief for a long time, Joh 9:1-3. Answer to point two of their three point quiz, Joh 9:19.

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