John 9:2 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And his disciples asked him," (kai erotesan auton hoi mathetai autou) "And his disciples inquired of him," His own disciples who still clung to some old beliefs and fixed assumptions, inquired specifically about this blind man's cause of blindness.

2) "Saying, Master, who did sin," (legontes hrabbi tis hemarten) "Saying, rabbi, who sinned," to cause this man's blindness. It was commonly believed, and too generally assumed, that all special calamities were caused by special sins. Such had some basis for such conscientious thoughts, since God warned that He would visit iniquities of fathers upon their children to the fourth generation, Exo 20:5; Exo 34:7; Num 14:18.

3) "This man, or his parents,'' (houtos e hoi goneis autou) "This one who is blind or his parents?" On whom may we focus the cause, or fix the blame, for his blindness, as if all afflictions were punishment for some personal sin.

4) "That he was born blind?" (hina tuphlos gennethe) "in order that he came to be born blind?" This was also the conclusion of the Pharisees, Joh 9:34.

Numerous examples may be given of punishment following, from parent to child, Num 14:33-34; Jer 32:18.

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