John 9:19 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) ''And they asked them, saying,'' (kai erotesan autous legontes) ''And they asked them inquiring at length," of the parents, Joh 9:1-3. These Pharisees did not believe that he had been blind, Joh 9:15.

2) ''Is this your son," (houtosestin ho huios humon) "Is this the heir son of you all," to establish absolute identity. The answer was, yes, to this first question, Joh 9:20.

3) ''Who ye say was born blind?'' (hon humeis legete hoti tuphlos egennethe) ''Whom you all say that he was born blind?" The answer was, yes, to the second question, Joh 9:20.

4) "How then cloth he now see?" (pos oun blepei arti) "How then does he now see, at this moment," or time and age of life. Their answer was, "we do not know the person or the means by which he now sees," to question three, Joh 9:21. The parents were alarmed, answering under fear and duress, as the Pharisees had already decreed that any one who should openly confess Jesus Christ would be ''put out of," or excluded from the synagogue of worship, fellowship, and educational service to her members, Joh 9:22.

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