John 9:15 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Then again the Pharisees also asked him," (palin oun eroton auton kai hoi Pharisaioi) "Then again the Pharisees asked him," after his neighbors had asked him "how" he had been made to see, he had told them, and they had related it to the Pharisees, arch-enemies of Jesus, Joh 9:10-11. They simply wanted to prove Jesus to be a Sabbath breaker, though they too did good on the Sabbath, themselves broke the letter, if not the spirit of the law, Joh 7:19.

2) "How he had received his sight." (pos aneblepsen) "How he had come to see," or just how he had received his sight, relate it to us if you will, see if you can keep your story straight, is the idea of their cynical, entrapment designed inquiry, since it was on a sabbath day that it had occurred, Joh 9:14; Joh 5:9-10; Joh 5:16; Joh 5:18; Joh 5:25; And they sought every way possible to entrap Jesus as a law breaker, to put Him to death.

3) "He said unto them, He put clay upon mine eyes," (ho de eipen autois) "Then he told them," directly (pelon epetheken mou epi tous ophthalmous) "He put, placed, or set clay upon my eyes," as it occurred, and as he had already related it to his neighbors and acquaintances who had known him to be blind from birth, and a beggar, Joh 9:1; Joh 9:8; Joh 9:11.

4) "And I washed, and do see." (kai enipsamen kai blepo) "And I washed(for myself) and I now see, that doubting men today might anoint their eyes with eye-salve, that they might see the marvels of God's work and grace among fallen men, believe, and be saved, and go on undaunted in their labors, in spite of carping critical obstructionists, and fault finders against God, His Word, His church, and His people, Gal 6:9, 1Co 15:57-58, Heb 12:1-2.

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