John 8:9 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And they which heard it, being convicted by their own conscience," (hoi de akousantes) "Then they upon hearing his challenge," and being convicted of their own guilt, Rom 3:23; 1Ki 846; Mat 5:27-28. Their consciences were not void of offense, Act 24:16; Rom 2:15; Rom 9:1; 2Co 1:12; 2Co 13:5. That every mouth might be stopped, Rom 3:19.

2) "Went out one by one," (echserchonto eis kath' eis) ''They went out voluntarily one by one," of their own choice or decision, as the rich young ruler turned and walked away from Jesus when he was convicted of his own covetous guilt, Mat 19:22; Mar 10:22; Luk 18:23.

3) ''Beginning at the eldest, even unto the last:” (arksamenoi apo ton presbuteran) "Beginning from the older ones (the elders)," the mature scribes and Pharisees who had initiated this encounter, Joh 8:3, and who perhaps had more sins to remember and who realized they had carried their charges too far.

4) "And Jesus was left alone," (kai kateleiphthe monos) "And he(Jesus)was left alone," When those who had come to entrap Him had gone out, evaporated like thin air, unwilling to try to defend their charges against the woman that they had hailed or dragged before Him.

5) "And the woman standing in the midst." (kai he gune en meso ousa) "And the woman being (still standing) in the midst," before Him as one on trial to answer charges and show respect to the process of the trial court.

This miserable woman stood face to face with the pitying Savior.

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