John 8:8 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And again he stooped down," (kai palin katakupsas) "And again when he had stooped down," from His erect stance of confrontation with her accusers, turning in contempt from them because of their fickle and fallacious trifling with the law of the Word, which they themselves did not keep, Mar 7:7-9; Mar 7:13.

2) "And wrote on the ground." (egrapsen eis ten gen) "He wrote on and visibly into the ground," a second time. Some one has logically speculated that He simply wrote, “where is the man?" involved in this act, who according to your own law should be condemned and stoned with her, if you all are honest and sincere, Lev 20:10; Deu 22:21-25.

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