John 8:6 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "This they said, tempting him," (touto de elegon peirazontes auton) ''Yet this they said tempting him,'' or seeking to entrap Him, with murderous intent and design, as they so often did, as in Mat 16:1; Luk 10:25; Luk 20:23. They likely hoped that His pity would lead Him openly to exonerate the woman, defend her, or justify her before them.

2) "That they might have to accuse him." (hina echosin kaegorein autou) "in order that they might have (a cause) to accuse him," for He would, they thought, approve putting the woman to death, which they were not permitted (as Jews) to do under Roman law, or to let her go, and break their Jewish law, Joh 18:31.

3) "But Jesus stooped down,'' (ho de lesous kato kupas) "Then Jesus upon stooping down," or "when he had stooped," bowed near the ground. Unwilling to enter a controversy over their malicious questions.

4) "And with his finger wrote," (to daktulo kategraphen) "He wrote with his finger," in the dust or dirt, an act of disdain for the belligerent spirit in which they had dragged this woman into the temple-court area, where He was teaching, Joh 8:2-3.

5) "On the ground as though he heard them not." (eis ten gen) "In the ground," or dust of the earth, ''eis" a Gk. term here used means into the dust, upon the ground, words that could be visibly seen. The latter phrase is an italicized interpolation of King James translation. Some manuscripts add, "not troubling himself with them," or “as if he heard them not."

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