John 8:57 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Then said the Jews unto him," (eipan oun hoi loudaioi pros auton) "Then the Jews said directly to him," challenging His claims, as they repeatedly, willfully, callously did, though He reproved them again and again, Pro 1:20-32; Pro 29:1.

2) "Thou art not yet fifty years old," (pentekonta ete opou echeis) "You do not yet have fifty years of age behind you," and He did not, in the flesh, as the Son of man among men, Joh 1:14; This was the age Levites retired, Num 4:3; Num 4:23; Num 4:30; Num 8:24.

3) "And hast thou seen Abraham? "kai Abraam heorakas) "And have you seen Abraham?" Doubtless He had, as Abraham was in glory, before Jesus left His Father's glory, but Jesus had not claimed that He had seen Abraham, See? Luk 16:22-24; Joh 17:1. He was not claiming to be contemporary with the earthly life of Abraham. The age of 50 years was then considered a completed life and the mandatory age of retirement for the Levites who waited on the service of the tabernacle of the congregation of Israel, Num 8:24-26.

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