John 8:5 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Now Moses in the law commanded us," (en de to nomo humin Mouses eneteilato) "Now in the law (he gave to us) Moses enjoined," Lev 20:10; Deu 22:22. Yet, they did not state that both the adulterer and the adulteress were to be put to death, according to the law.

2) "That such should be stoned:" (tas toiautas lithazein) "That such ones should be or were to be stoned," repeatedly, until they died, unless the woman made a protest against a man who attacked her, Deu 22:23-25. Such stoning was the capital punishment also inflicted on the sabbath breaker, Num 15:32-36.

3) "But what sayest thou?" (su oun ti legeis;) "What therefore do you say about the matter?'' They thought they would entrap Him in a dilemma (a two horned) argument. If He had said, ''kill her," they would have charged Him with brutality and no compassion and if He said "let her go'' they apparently meant to further charge Him with teaching people to disregard Moses' law, in addition to their charge that He was a sabbath breaker, Joh 5:9-10; Joh 5:16; Joh 5:18. But He knowing what was in man, knowing the entrapment motives of their inquiry, (Joh 2:24-25), did not verbally respond as they thought, Isa 55:8-9; Joh 18:31.

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