John 8:49 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Jesus answered, I have not a devil:” (apekrithe lesous ego daimonion ouk echo) "Jesus replied forthright, I have not a demon," or devil, which many of you all deny exist in the first place. But you are such liars and deceivers you will try to tie me to a devil, simply reflecting your own attachment to your father the devil and his deranged demons, Joh 8:44; 1Jn 3:8; 1Jn 3:10.

2) "But I honour my Father," (alla timo ton patera mou) "But instead I honour my Father," Joh 5:41; Joh 12:28. He did this in seeking always to please Him, Luk 22:42; Joh 5:30; Joh 6:38.

3) "And ye do dishonour me." (kai humeis atimazete me) "And ye all dishonor me," in not only rejecting my testimony, in word and miraculous deeds, but also in attempting to besmirch my reputation. Rejecting my virgin birth, you circulate insinuations that I am a bastard, born of fornication, then also try to spread the rumor that I am an unclean Samaritan, and had an intimate encounter with a Samaritan woman, Joh 8:41; Joh 8:48.

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