John 8:40 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "But now ye seek to kill me," (nun de zeteite me apokteinai) "Yet now and continually hereafter by former collusion, you seek to kill or assassinate me," Joh 5:16; Joh 5:18; Joh 7:19-20; Joh 7:25; Joh 8:37, as children of the devil, Joh 8:4; 1Jn 3:10.

2) "A man that hath told you the truth," (anthropon hos ten aletheian humin lelaleka) "A man who has spoken the truth to you,"

3) "Which I have heard of God:- (hen ekousa para tou theou) "Which I heard from God," alongside, while in communion and fellowship with God, Joh 8:47; Joh 8:56; Joh 12:48.

4) "This did not Abraham." (touto Abraam ouk epoiesen) "Abraham did not do this, "this kind of thing. He did not turn a deaf ear to the voice and call of God to Him in Ur of Chaldee, Gen 12:1-5; or when the angel-messenger reported the coming birth of Isaac, Gen 17:18; Gen 17:15-19, or when God called on Him to offer his son Isaac, as a sacrifice, etc. Gen 22:1-14.

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