John 8:39 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "They answered and said unto him," (apekrithesan kai eipon auto) "They replied and said directly to him," in response to His contrast of their father and their deeds and His Father and His deeds, Joh 8:38.

2) "Abraham is our father." (ho peter hemon Abraam estin) "Abraham is (exists as) our father," a claim they held of ethical, national, and racial pride, without that faith in the Redeemer which Abraham had, Rom 4:3-5. They doted on and trusted in hereditary pride, refusing to acknowledge they must repent or perish, Luk 13:3; Luk 13:5.

3) "Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham's children," (legei autois ho lesous) "Jesus responded to them, directly," (ei tekna tou Abraam este) "if you all are (exist as) children of Abraham," as you claim, a thing that is involved in your claim of spiritual fatherhood, in or through Abraham.

4) "Ye would do the works of Abraham.'' (ta erga tou Abraam poieite) "You would do the works (kind of works) of Abraham," works of faith. You would have been open to accept the heavenly voice of: 1 ) John the Baptist, Mat 3:712; Joh 1:6; Joh 1:31-34; John 2) My Father from heaven, Mat 3:17; Mat 17:5; Matthew , 3) My voice, Joh 10:10; Joh 10:18; Joh 10:27-28; Joh 14:6. And you would have done deeds of faith like Abraham, Jas 2:21-23, Heb 11:8-10.

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