John 8:2 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And early in the morning," (orthou de) "Then at dawn of day," after a night of rest in the mount of Olives, eager to continue His work and finish His course.

2) "He came again into the temple," (palin paregeneto eis to hieron) "Again he arrived(and went) into the temple courts," where He had taught earlier that week, Joh 7:14-15; Joh 7:28-37. Here He was sure of an audience and braving all danger to His last teaching in His Father's house, as He had done the Father's Will on special occasions, since He was twelve years of age, Luk 2:45-49.

3) "And all the people came unto him;” (kai pas ho laos ercheto pros auton) "And all the laity-people came to him," of their own accord, will or choice, voluntarily, because they wanted to, to see Him, to hear Him teach, and perhaps to see Him perform miracles again, as in Joh 2:23; Joh 5:8-9; Joh 5:15.

4) "And he sat down and taught them." (kai kathisas edidasken autous) "And sitting down there, he taught them," in His and His Father's house, for it really belonged to them, Joh 2:16-17; Many of these people had already believed on Him earlier in the week, when they heard Him teach, and beheld the unnumbered miracles that He did, Joh 7:28; Joh 7:31; Joh 20:30-31.

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