John 8:16 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And yet if I judge, my judgement is true:"- (kai ean krino de ego he krisis he eme alethine estin) "Yet even if I judge, my judgement is true," authentic, trustworthy, and legal in nature, according to your law -- the law of Moses, His judgments were true because He Himself was true and truth, Joh 14:6; 1Sa 16:7.

2) "For I am not alone," (hoti monos ouk eimi) "Because I am (do not exist) alone," though He had few human followers, Joh 8:29, as a sole witness of what I testify. For the Father was with Him in all that He said and did, as He came to do and finish His Father's will and work that He had been sent to do, Luk 19:10; Gal 4:4-5.

3) "But I and the Father that sent me." (all' ego kai ho pempsas me) "But I and the one who has sent me," God the Father, united in one person, Joh 3:17; Joh 16:32.

If Jesus judged He would not be alone in the sense that the Father had committed all judgement into His hands, Joh 3:18-19; Joh 5:22; Joh 5:30.

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