John 8:11 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "She said, No man, Lord," (he de eipen oudeis, kurie) "Then she replied, no one, sir," not even one, much less two or more, Num 35:30.

2) "And Jesus said unto her," (eipen de ho lesous) "So, Jesus then said," spoke words of compassion and kind rebuke.

3) "Neither do I condemn thee:" (oude ego se katakrino) "Neither do I condemn you or judge you at all," Joh 3:17, as if you were yet under Mosaic law and without two or more witnesses, else I would myself be a lawbreaker, Luk 12:12; Joh 8:17; Deu 19:15.

4) "Go, and sin no more." (poreuou apo tou nun meketi hamartane) "Go and from now and hereafter sin no longer," after the manner of charges that have just been thrust at you by the enemies of me, lest certain judgement befall you, Joh 5:14; Act 17:30-31; Heb 9:27; Joh 12:48. He condemned sin while pardoning the sinner, as expressed also Joh 4:14.

Jesus did not set up Himself to condemn the law of Moses or to pick up stones to execute it, as a civil or political administrator. This story compassionately illustrates the blending of judgement and mercy which meet in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

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