John 8:10 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "When Jesus had lifted up himself," (anakupsas de ho lesous) "Then Jesus standing erect," to face the woman, and His former interrogators, Joh 8:3-5.

2) "And saw none but the woman," saw no one present any longer, except the woman, that is no one who was directly involved with the accusation and hearing relating to the woman; For John, the writer of this account was with Jesus that day, Joh 21:24-25.

3) "He said unto her, Woman where are those thine accusers?" (eipen aute gunai pou eisen) "He said to her, woman where are they?" the ones who were accusing you. This He said, not for information from her, but for her testimony to be recorded by John who saw and heard the exchange.

4) "Hath no man condemned thee?" (oudeis se katekrinen) "Has no one condemned you?" or remained to bear testimony against you, to be stoned? If no man had, since their own law required the testimony of two or three witnesses, certainly Jesus would not attempt to condemn her on charges they had brought, they who claimed to be witnesses had sneaked away, as entrapment cowards, Num 35:30; Deu 17:6; Deu 19:15; Heb 10:28.

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