John 7:46 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "The officers answered," (apekrithesan hoi huperetai) "The attendant officers replied," to these rabid, murder-hungry, Christ-rejecters, with empty-handed chagrin, a bit embarrassed.

2) "Never man spake like this man." (oudepote elalesen houton anthropous hos houtos lalei ho anthropos) "Never to this time ever spoke a man in the manner that this man speaks," never in our experience did we ever hear a man speak as this man, Luk 4:22, Mat 7:28-29. And His deeds had spoken louder than His words, a thing that could not be favorably said of the Pharisees, who "said," but "did not," Joh 4:36; Mat 23:3; Jas 4:17.

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