John 7:43 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "So there was a division among the people," (schisma oun egeneto en to ochlo) "Then a division came to exist in the crowd," as a result of the teachings of Jesus. Two parties and opposing views had come to focus; One was altogether opposed to Him; The other was favorable, though yet somewhat divided in their opinions, not fully persuaded in their own conscience, Rom 14:5.

2) "Because of him." (di' auton) "Because of him," because of Jesus Christ, who claimed to be the Son of God, on a mission to man, and for man and the universe, Joh 7:40-42; Joh 6:38-44; Joh 6:57. There was a violent party-split (Gk. schisma) in the crowd on that seventh and last day of the feast.

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