John 7:42 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Hath not the scriptures said,'' (ouch he graphe eipen) "Has not the scriptures disclosed," and they appear to be those who judged by hearsay, and had not themselves read, heard, or given heed to the scriptures, Rom 10:17; Joh 5:39.

2) ''That Christ cometh of the seed of David," (hoti ek tou spermatos; David erchetai ho Christos) "That Christ comes of the seed of David?" and of the tribe of Judah, Gen 49:10; 2Sa 7:12; 1Ki 8:25; Luk 1:69; Act 2:30; Psa 132:11; Jer 23:5.

3) "And out of the town of Bethlehem," (kai apo Bethleem tes komes) "And from (the) village or town of Bethlehem," as prophesied Mic 5:2; Luk 2:4.

4) "Where David was?" (hopou en David) "Where David was, existed, or resided," from David's nativity? 1Sa 16:1; 1Sa 16:5, where the Lord called him and sanctified him? 1Sa 1:11-13. But they seemed not to recognize that all of this was already fulfilled in Christ, and that He was also to be called a Nazarene, Isa 11:1; Mat 2:23.

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