John 7:32 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "The Pharisees heard," (ekousan hoi Pharisaioi) "The Pharisees heard the report," of the common people.

2) "That the people murmured such things concerning him;” (tou ochlou gonguzontos peri autou tauta) "That the crowd of people murmured these things concerning him," whispered, or quietly repeated good things about Jesus, questioning the jealousy, fear, and malice of the Jewish leaders, Joh 7:31.

3) "And the Pharisees and the chief priests sent," (kai apesteilan hoi archiereis kai hoi Pharisaioi) "And the Pharisees and administrative priests mandated or commissioned," ordered by fiat, from an apparently quickly called session of the Sanhedrin, to clothe the officers with legal authority, as they often met, Joh 11:53; Joh 18:3; Joh 18:12; Joh 19:6, Act 5:22; Act 5:26.

4) "Officers to take him," (huperetas hina piasosin auton) "Attendants in order that they might arrest him,'' by orders of the Sanhedrin council. This term ''Pharisees and chief priests" or "administrative priests ' seems to refer to authority for actions vested in the Sanhedrin council, Mat 21:45-46; Mat 27:62-65.

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