John 7:31 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "And many of the people believed on him,'' (ek tou ochlou de polloi episteusan eis auton) "Then many of the people, the crowd, believed on or trusted into him;" Mar 12:37 indicates that "the common people heard him gladly," or gave heed to Him gladly, with joy and gladness, at His call to them, Mat 11:28; Luk 14:35. This incited and enraged the Jewish rulers even more.

2) "And said, When Christ cometh,'' (kai elegon ho Christos hoton ethe) "And they said, when the Christ comes or arrives,'' on the scene, to be present and teach and witness, as our law teaches, Deu 18:15-19. The common people's testimony became a strong argument-wave against the adamant obstinacy of the chief priests and rulers, See?

3) "Will he do more miracles than these which this man hath done?" (me pleiona semeia poiesei hon houtos epoiesen) "He will not do more miracles than this one does, will he?'' You see the miracle ministry of Jesus was not in vain, Joh 2:11; Joh 3:2; Mar 2:10-12; Joh 20:30-31. The common sense of the "common people," Mar 12:37 was a better argument than the quibbles, evasions, and dodges of the carnal, religious Jewish rulers, 2Co 3:3-4; Rom 10:1-4. Jesus had satisfied all reasonable claims to the Messiahship, Mat 11:4-5; Mat 11:24-25.

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