John 7:30 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Then they sought to take him;” (ezetoun oun auton piasai) "Then they sought to arrest him," to nab Him, to seize Him by subtle force, Joh 7:1; Joh 7:23; Joh 7:26. They diligently tried to figure out an opportune time to take Him into physical custody, with malice and murder in their hearts. They were exasperated, Mar 11:18; Luk 20:19; Joh 8:37.

2) "But no man laid hands on him," (kai oudeis epebalen ep' auton ten cheira) "And no one laid the hand upon him at all," though it was in their hearts. Yet, He had a multitude of disciples, following believers, His church, whom they politically feared, for they were yet under Roman law.

3) "Because his hour was not yet come." (hoti oupo eleluthei he hora autou) ''Because his hour had not yet arrived," the hour for Him to terminate His teaching and miracle ministry and surrender to the cross where He would bear their sins and ours, Joh 17:4-5; 1Pe 2:24; fulfilling Isa 53:1-12.

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