John 7:28 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Then cried Jesus in the temple as he taught," (ekraksen oun en to hiero didaskon ho lesous) "Then Jesus cried out in the temple teaching," as He publicly continued to give testimony of His Divine identity, so as not to be identified as a political aspirant. In this pursuit His voice ''was not heard in the street," so as to avoid any mob type gathering around Him, Isa 42:2; Mat 12:19.

2) "Saying, Ye both know me," (kai legon kame oidate) ''And saying you all both know me," you all recognize me far too well, by birth, my travels, my family, my claims, and my deeds, Mat 1:1 to Mat 2:23; Luk 2:1-12; Isa 7:14; Isa 9:6; Mat 2:23; Mat 3:1-3; Mat 3:16-17; Joh 20:30-31.

3) ''And ye know whence I am:” (kai oidate pothen eimi)"And you all know whence I am," whence I exist, my origin or my roots. This is not any mystery, either in prophecy or in physical fulfillment, if your eyes are open to see, and your minds and hearts for an honest examination, Act 10:43.

4) ''And I am not come of myself " (kai ap'emautou ouk elelutha) "And I have not come from myself,'' Joh 5:43, of my own will, on my own commissioning, Joh 6:38; 2Co 8:9; Joh 17:4-5. This He seemed to say with very firm but a controlled voice.

5) "But he that sent me is true," (all' estin alethinos ho pempsas me) "But the one who sent me is genuine or true," Joh 7:18; Joh 3:17; Joh 4:34; Joh 5:30; Joh 5:32; Psa 40:7-8; Mat 26:39; 1Jn 5:20; Rom 3:4. He was not sent by a fake is the idea.

6) "Whom ye know not.''(hon humeis ouk oidate) "Whom you all do not perceive, recognize, or really know," Joh 1:18; Joh 8:55. This was a severe rebuke of the entire ceremonial-loaded religious system of formalism, then prevalent at and in Jerusalem, Mar 7:1-12; Rom 10:1-4; Eph 4:18.

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