John 18:5 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth," (apekrithesan auto) "They answered him directly." (lesoun ton Nazoraion) "Jesus the Nazarene," Mat 2:23; For they held that no good thing could come out of Nazareth, Joh 1:46; Act 24:5. It was the despised name by which He was commonly known, and a term of derision, used by the Pharisees especially, Mar 14:67.

2) "Jesus saith unto them, I am he." (legei autois ego eimi) "He said to them directly I am he," the one the traitor has contracted to deliver to you all, and I know what you are after and who you are after, Joh 2:24-25; Mat 26:14-16. You need go no further. Though Judas identified Him with the kiss, Jesus also, without fear, identified Himself.

3) "And Judas also, which betrayeth him," (kai loudas ho paradidous auton) "Judas also, the one who betrayed him," who had already entered the contract bargain to lead them to Jesus, in privacy, away from the multitude, to the glee of the chief priests and Jewish rulers, Mar 14:10-11.

4) "Stood with them." (heistekei de met' auton) "Then stood with them," with the "weapon-bearing band," like a hunter stalking his prey, bent on the kill; He was "standing in the way of sinners" that nite, identified by presence and by a contract bargain with the chief sinners of the hour, Psa 41:9; Joh 13:18-19.

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