John 18:14 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Now Caiaphas was he," (hen de Kaiaphas) "Nov; it was Caiaphas," who was the one, the acting, administrative high priest, already having committed himself to aid and abet the murder of Jesus; He was therefore a prejudiced judge when the witness came before him. Joh 11:51.

2) "Which gave counsel to the Jews," (ho sumbouleusas tois loudaiois) "Who was the one having advised the Jews," on a former occasion, Joh 11:49-50.

3) "That it was expedient that one man," (hoti sumpherei hena anthropon) "That it was (existed as) expedient or advantageous that one man," referring to the man Jesus, Isa 49:6.

4) "Should die for the people." (apothanein huper tou laou) "Should (be caused) to die on behalf of the people," for the nation, Num 27:21, to avoid all of them having their temple worship and religious Jewish jobs taken away by the Romans, if the majority of their people should turn to follow Christ, whose following might come to outshine and have a greater political impact than that of Judaism, Joh 11:51-53.

Blind-bats could as well find fault with the sun, or worms find fault with fresh air, or blind men find fault with the appearance of those who see, as for a wicked, prejudicial high priest to find fault with Jesus Christ, apart from whom no salvation is found, Heb 7:26; Act 4:12.

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