John 18:12 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary


1) "Then the band," (he oun speira) "Then the band," who had come to arrest Jesus, the band of Roman soldiers stationed at Antonio's castle in the city, Joh 18:3, Act 21:31-32; Act 21:34; Act 21:37; Act 22:24. Then when they were sure they had their man, they aided the officers of the Jewish Sanhedrin who arrested Jesus.

2) "And the captain and officers of the Jews took Jesus," (kai ho chiliarchos kai hoi huperetai ton loudaion sunelabon ton lesoun) "And the captain and the attendants of the Jews took hold on Jesus," as if He were a capital criminal. Yes, it was the Levitical officers of the Jews, who were supposed to be holy men, who incited, agitated, and pressed for His death, 1Th 2:14-15.

3) "And bound him," (kai edesan auton) "And they bound him," shackled, tied or chained Him, mentioned by John only, a form of humiliation, that seems to have led Him to prison, a dungeon, in the late hours of that night, Isa 53:8; Act 8:32-33.

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