John 18:10 Commentary - Garner-Howes Baptist Commentary

1) "Then Simon Peter having a sword drew it," (Simon oun Petros echon machairan eilkusen auten) "Then Simon Peter who had a sword drew it," with intent to defend himself and his Lord, as he had earnestly pledged he would do, earlier that evening, Mat 26:35; Mar 14:31. He did not want to be separated from the fate of his Lord, Joh 13:38, and thought a rescue possible, as only the Sanhedrin officials would enter the garden estate, leaving the Roman band of soldiers outside.

2) "And smote the high priest's servant," (kai epaisen tou archiereos soulon) "And he struck the slave of the high priest," as also recounted, Mat 26:51.

3) "And cut off his right ear." (kai apekopsen autou to otarion to deksion) "And he cut off his right ear," Mar 14:47; Luk 22:50.

4) "The servant's name was Malchus." (hen de onoma to doulo Malchos) "And the servant's name was known as Malchus;" Of the four Gospel writers, only John gives the name of the servant, perhaps because knowing the high priest, he also knew the servant by name, Joh 18:15-16. This servant was also a kinsman of the high priest, Joh 18:26; Joh 21:24. Since John is the only one who gave the name of Malchus it is also believed that he was that disciple who knew Caiaphas the high priest and went in with Jesus to the trial or hearing before him.

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